Matthew McWilliams

Elect Matt McWilliams for Queen Creek Town Council. He will uphold the QC’s Founding Families vision for Queen Creek. Matt will engage in forward looking decisions so to ensure Queen Creek is and remains one of the best town in Arizona.

Experience serving the citizens and community in Town of Queen Creek makes a difference. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission for 2+ years. I learned from each of the other commissioners perspective, the citizens who spoke in our meetings, and staff presentations. The experience and exposure has made me a better candidate for Town Council in 2022. I hope this post inspires others to volunteer to serve on QC’s boards and commissions, school PTO’s, Neighborhood HOA’s, Chamber of Commerce, American Legion, Youth Sports, and more. It may be one of you that I have the opportunity vote for in the future for mayor or council member and having that experience will set you apart. Experience matters!