Bryan McClure, Dawn Oliphant, and Matt McWilliams are running for Queen Creek Town Council to maintain our town’s family-friendly feel and high quality of life. They will support public safety while practicing financial responsibility. In Queen Creek, experience matters and each of these candidates have proven experience serving our community on Queen Creek’s Town Council, Chamber of Commerce and Planning and Zoning Commission.

Important Dates

“I am thrilled to endorse and support Bryan, Dawn, and Matt for Queen Creek Town Council. They have the leadership and experience to serve our wonderful community.”
-Councilwoman Julia Wheatley
EXPERIENCE MATTERS, and Bryan, Dawn, and Matt will be an effective voice for our community on Town Council.

Family Friendly

The job of local government is to provide the best quality of life for its residents. Our team understands that for our families to thrive we must continue to construct more roads and parks.

Public Safety

Supporting our brave first responders that keep our community safe is a top priority. We will support our Firefighters and Police officers with the right training, equipment, and staff to keep Queen Creek residents safe.

Strong Economy

Creating a business-friendly environment is important to attracting good paying jobs and small businesses. Our team is committed to keeping taxes low and ensuring the town government operates within its means.